CRM module is the heart of the entire relationships. It collects, stores and analyzes all information providing useful reports to the management department and to the employees of the stores. Support to the Marketing, it improves omnichannel strategies and customer retention. About Sales, staff members have always available key information to ensure better services to Customers and a higher level Customer Experience that will lead to a significant increase in revenues.


The data of each Customer are available in each store of the entire chain as well as in the Main office. Authorized users can access, modify and update the information. All data can be aggregated to start the most suitable actions of communication and marketing in order to receive customers even before they get into the store.

The important forecasting phase is handled dynamically in relation to sales data already acquired and in the acquisition phase. Faster keeps track of KPI of each store and of its single employee providing reports to support decisions.

The platform orders and manages all stages and actors involved in the sales process. It extracts, aggregate and provides data turning them into valuable information for the sales force. It helps to formulate budgets and sales forecasts, as well as it harmonizes the task management and increases individual productivity.

Another important feature is the possibility to manage technical work carried out by companies under contract. Differently from other software, this feature is already integrated in Faster and it allows to save costs coming from using other applications.

In addition to on-demand services, Customers take advantage of direct access to transmit their reports to the Company indicating the object of the request.